Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stop whining

Can modern life deal more cruel blows to the middle classes? Now the Torygraph reports on the stress of "second-cheapest wine syndrome". They know a thing or two in these parts though:

Those in Yorkshire are most likely to choose the cheapest bottle on the menu.


Larkers said...

I watched a 'blind' test of champagne and cava on television some years ago. The team picked the twenty five quid champagne with ease but then placed a four ninety nine supermarket cava as a close second choice.

Like Hi-Fi (you remember) before it, the mystique is all. In actual fact one had had to have the hearing of an Alsatian dog to detect the ranges of sound for 'perfect' listening (and have specially prepared room, stripped of surfaces which reflect sound waves – clearly a nonsense).

Drink what you like.

Dr Hiding Pup said...

Most wine tastes very different after it's been opened for a couple of hours and had a chance to breathe a bit. But they don't get this time in restaurants so you might as well drink anything.

Ditto for wine in airplanes. There's no point choosing because you're in a pressurised cabin and nothing tastes as it should anyway, and everything's at the same temperature.

That said, I love watching that whole swill-the-wine in the glass, give it a sniff thing people insist on doing...

Will said...

I fucking love Jilly Goolden me I do.

I would have her babies me.

I'd do owt for a drink.