Monday, December 31, 2007

My book of the year 2007

It's a tie. I can't choose.

Terry Glavin

Review here

Nick Cohen

Review here


Anonymous said...

I gave What's Left? a go after it came out in paperback and it was excellent. Has to have my vote!

Graeme said...

I haven't read Cohen's book yet, but I absolutely loved Glavin's.

Paulie said...

Nope. You missed the obvious winner - no contest:

mikeovswinton said...

Peter, returning to serious subjects after discussing Radio 4 "comedy" with Freens et al at the Drink soaked....
Here are the 2 books I would like to throw into the pot for consideration. They are related in that they both concern the Baltic. The first is the novel "Castorp" by Pawel Huelle. (Serpents' Tail) This is a "prequel" to the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann and is about Hans Castorp's student days in Gdansk. The other came out in paperback this year (hback in 2006) and is Lesley Chamberlain's book "The Philosophy Steamer" (Atlantic Books), which tells the story of the intellectuals exiled out of Russia by Lenin immediately prior to the declaration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(4 words, 4 lies - C.Castoriadis). The "steamer" of the title - actually there were 2, the Haken and the Preussen - sailed from St Petersburg to Stettin.
So there you have it. A couple of cracking reads.