Thursday, May 08, 2008

A conversation

And a long one at that. Terry Glavin (shrugging off the accusation that he is "a left-gatekeeper to the Ziocon false-flag hegemony") and Stan Persky try to reclaim a Canadian left.

My favourite quotes:

Persky: ... I’m tempted to say, the left has lost its mind. Not that it’s gone bonkers, but that it’s not thinking clearly. There’s a further temptation in the face of this to lean toward becoming just a grumpy non-left old codger. But I’m not prepared to cede the concept of “left”...

Glavin: ... I'm still optimistic, and I remain convinced that, as it was in the 19th and 20th centuries, the answers to the mortal threats that face masses of humanity lie at least partly in the traditions of the left.

There are another 9,900 words to read there as well. It's good stuff.

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Will said...

Gans on too long -- I need short and crisp and terse shit. I haven't got all day to read the shit on the hintertubes you know. I am a very busy man with shareholders to consider and shit like that don't you know.