Saturday, May 24, 2008

It wasn't art

And it certainly wasn't good taste. However, it was the second musical I have enjoyed. Eurobeat is a wild send-up of the Eurovision Song Contest. It keeps the formula and then slips over the narrow borderline between the naff and the ridiculously surreal. It is hysterical.

The show centres around a contest between ten of the worst songs I have ever heard, performed superbly, with neat touches of comic ineptitude, and accompanied by dazzlingly choreographed and utterly misconceived dance routines. At each performance the winner is decided by the audience's mobile phone votes. Last night at the Lowry in Salford victory went to 'Estonia' with an inspirational song about 'pulling hard' and 'coming together', with dancing businessmen who then launch into a homo-erotic routine (yep, that is the level of the humour).

The bonus was the 'half-time' song and dance spectacular. Shame it wasn't in the competition. Any song sung by a woman dressed as a turnip and that rhymes 'smorgasbord' with 'that the lower middle class can afford' would have my vote.

I am still laughing. The show was so funny it could have been the real thing.

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