Friday, May 30, 2008

They'll never run out of material

“I am upset by the use of therm ‘anoraks’ by Jennie Bond when a train set was sold. It gives a negative impression of people who have train sets and there is no need for it in my opinion. The term ‘anorak’ conjures up images of men who expose themselves in long trench coats and it is unfair to label people with train sets in this way.”

Just one item from the amazing spEak You're bRanes, a collection of real comments posted the BBC "Have Your Say" site. Cruel, but very funny. And don't miss the twat-o-tron, where you can generate your own words of wisdom.

Via Will and Olly


Will said...

Aw diddums the bbc pretends its not true but the Scottish are using my wheelie bin because the countr is full. Isnt it obvious bring back Mary Whitehouse. It's political correctness gone mad.

English_forever Wirral

The Plump said...

I'm not being racist but every single prisoner in Britain is islamifying the countryside. Simple answer: elect Boris Johnson as prime minister. What next? Encourage single-parenting? Oops. They do it already!?!

SonOfChurchill Glasgow

Will said...

another one -- this time from the actual BBC site

another one...

note -- 'exhuberant prices'

"Off course motorists are being priced off the road! What annoys us all is the govt inept and arrogant attitude to the car owner as they know we have no choice but to pay the exuberant prices. Motorists have always been an easy target. Public transport??? Try using that to get from my home to my work - 3 buses and two towns that I bypass in my car. Time waiting/travelling on bus: 90-120 mins. Time in car: 20mins. I'm no mathemitician but I know which one is more efficient for me!!!!"
Robert, Scotland

Will said...

another from the BBC Have Your Say site:

The government is corrupt,morally and literally bankrupt.That goes for ALL the MP's claiming ridiculous expenses.Motorists are the largest body of voters in the UK,surely the inaction of the government in this crisis shows the depth of trouble they are in if they are willing to turn a large majority against them.Time the Queen ordered her armed forces to dissolve parliament and then inact changes in the way democracy works in this country.The gov represent a clear and present danger to the UK.

Something Else, Bracknell, United Kingdom

Will said...

“Three words: Use Napalm.”

This is the greatest thing ever.

The Plump said...

Its sad but true! I erad in the Sun that women are liinng their pockets. Mark my words burn them alive.

[Handsome Bloke] Shropshire

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