Friday, May 16, 2008


The Guardian sums it up:

... can ITV at least admit that they've given a certified narcissist some poor people to play with?

The Duchess in Hull will screen next week. Yep, royalty teaches the lower orders how not to be fat. Of course the stereotyping is rampant. Who lives unhealthy lives? Why working class chappies of course. And where do you find these exotic creatures? Where else but Hull?

Underpinning this is Sarah Ferguson's self-confessed neurosis about her weight and her commercial interests as a 'diet guru'. She is the one that needs educating.

I am off now to stock up with pies in protest.


SP said...

Just heard the self-absorbed, patronising cow on Five Live and had to change channel. Before I turned over she described the family as lacking in self esteem - they certainly fucking do if they let her into their lives.

Ann ODyne said...

Just read your Profile at the Profs, and re Chomsky and Hitchens, I present you with this link to Jezblog a wonderful Brum Brit lensman working in the USA mainly, I couldn't get out of his site for hours and I keep going back it is so wonderful.
Norm lights my way.
peace and love, brownie, Profile 115 (I think)