Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lot's of exciting things happen here. It's non-stop action all the time.

Like this - Iannis tried to feed his goats on a branch of a tree in the garden, but they weren't interested!

A day after that someone drove a big machine down our narrow lane to drill for water on their plot of land. Phew!

Then ... er ... something ... Oh well, whatever it was it was thrilling ...


Francis Sedgemore said...

I don't know about the goats; Iannis himself needs feeding up a bit.

Stuart said...

You wanna slow down a bit, I feel a bit racey and over-stimulated just reading....

Will said...

BrokeN briTtaN

conDEm scum fuckking all and everyfuckker up the bum.

Will said...

Just to be clear on this. I wooD have every last cunt who voted tory or lib dummy fuckking executed on the spot. No fuckking pissing aboot. thge whole fuckking lot --- dumped in a muddy trench and then pissed on after being burnt to death.

Oh -- and all the social democratic type pissants would be first in the queue as they are/wooD be the real source of shit and danger of counter revolutionary activity.

There are some evil cunTs in this werLd and they need dealing with.

Then -- the Guardian orifices -- burn the fuckking temple of shit to the groond and have all the cunts who comment on Comment is fuckking werthless clubbed to death with a cricket bat with nails in it.

Last of all wooD be nazis -- irrelevant scum -- werTH taking time over torturing the filth tho but. Dentist appointement? Pleased to be of assistance you thick demonic cunts.