Tuesday, July 06, 2010



Will said...

Two lunatuics with guns already since ConDems got in.

BroKen BritTin. BriTTiN Broke.

“He was like all little boys,” she said. “We used to find him with pockets full of spiders.”

you fuckking wo`t?

pockets full of spiders!!!!////??????


The Plump said...

Aye, weird. Mine were full of earwigs. Now that's normal.

Will said...

boy racers

cars sprayed shiiny colours

spiders in pockets

mother wants dead

faathher on news on telly

"Bairns" -- "think of the bairns"

karate instructor


bouncers, doormen, bodybuilders




fish and chip shop robbery

camping oot

'for the bairns'

interactive google maps

Fuck. it. all.

Will said...

i see they have another comedian on question time tonight.

nichola sturgeon.

Will said...

On the news tonight, there are 20,000 people in Scotland on methadone. That means, that 1 in every 250 people you pass in the street is on 'Done ... except there will be greater concentrations of people in Edinburgh and Glasgow on 'Done, so actually it's more than 1 in 250, and Edinburgh is worse for smack than Glesgee, so realistically it's probably more like 1 in 100 people you pass in the street are on 'Done. Only some junkies are on 'Done ... then there's coke, meth etc etc etc. FUCK ME.

sporrans gone mad.

PS. there has just appeared a tory arsehole on me telly now.

Fuck. fuck. fuck.