Saturday, July 17, 2010

The heat! The flies!

Nothing much continues to happen here in its own delightful way. Last night was a panygeri for Agia Marina with music and dancing on the paraleia until around two in the morning. It was sandwiched between two minor earthquakes, one of which I slept through and didn't know about until I was told the next day. Tonight was a night for sipping wine on the patio until late. The weather has cooled slightly. At midnight the temperature had dropped below 21C, enough to trigger a state of emergency in England and get any self-respecting Greek reaching for their cardigan.

Great thoughts? There are few of those. In the drowsy heat of day the persistence of the flies in doing their best to irritate you annoys, but the abundant extravagance of life is everywhere, often with the cat chasing it until the shade of the lemon tree tempts it to rest. So, with nothing to say, here is a musical interlude.


Will said...

Historic politics

"Politics in Kettering has not always been a sedate affair: in 1835 a horrified Charles Dickens, then a young reporter for the Morning Chronicle, watched aghast as a Tory supporter on horseback, intent (along with others) on taking control of bye-election proceedings, produced a loaded pistol and had to be restrained by his friends from committing murder. The ensuing riot between Tory and Whig supporters led Dickens in his article to form various opinions of Kettering and its voters, none of them complimentary."

"There are around 400 Muslims living in Kettering, according to the local Muslim association, out of a total population in the town of over 50,000."

I wonder how many 'burqua' wearers have been to see the tory scum MP? i bet the number of 'burqua' wearers in kettering is NIL.

gets his name in the papers tho but so that is 'good'.

Craig F said...

Was waiting to see that video posted on here