Thursday, September 20, 2007


It is my birthday today. Fifty-five. How can someone as young as me actually be in my mid fifties? And as I gaze at the stranger in the mirror, I realise I have lost my youth. Is it down the back of the sofa? Is it with my car keys? Did I throw it out with the rubbish? No, it is gone. Age may creep up and surprise you, but the fact that it does is far, far better than the alternative.


Larkers said...

Happy Birthday, young man. I hope you have a brilliant day.

When I was a child I am certain I thought forty was old, and sixty perfectly ancient.

Strange how, now, it is the young who seem fussy, vacant and unable to understand what is going on, just like the adults I remember fifty years ago.

Will said...

Happy birthday you owld bastard.

One Man Laughing said...

I'm in a few weeks of 39, and I've already stopped enjoying it. Aside from physical stuff that seems serious and fades into nothing, proving me wrong and the doctor right, and becomes pessimistic and hateful of modernity.

Christine said...

Belated Happy Birthday old friend ;)

Old(er) in body
Wiser certainly
And more beautiful in spirit

Remove the mirrors and the stranger will be gone