Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Over at the Drink-soaked Trots, Will induced a sense of despair by referring us to a post by a Jewish lesbian in praise of Ahmadinejad. The problem is that this egregious lunacy is also repeated, with softer emollient language, in the mainstream media. Take this by James Caroll in yesterday's International Herald Tribune.

Ahmadinejad is notorious for having denied the Holocaust, threatened Israel, and demonized America. He is also the elected president of a nation that stands, together with the United States, on the edge of an abyss.

This style relies heavily on words like 'but', 'however' and 'also' in order to qualify the earlier requisite, if half-hearted, disapproval. Having established the legitimacy of the theocracy, he then goes on to blame its existence on - America.

The extremist Ahmadinejad rode to power on Iranian reactions to the steady insult from America.

And so the Iranian president should have been allowed to visit Ground Zero so that all could exclaim, "Let solidarity be the meaning of this place". Solidarity? With a regime like this?

(And follow the links here - be careful with one, there is a link to a site with a shocking photo, though the post is well designed so that you have to scroll down to see it - I didn't - or explore some of the stories here. And so on ...)


Paul Stott said...

Note also that the Iranian wise guy now appears to be shifting towards a conspiracy theory position on 9/11 (perhaps because so many people in the Muslim world blame "the jews"/Israel) Anti-semitism also runs through the core of the 9/11 "truth" movment in both the USA and UK.

Ahmadenijad view now actually contrasts with the Iranian position at the time, when they not only sent condolences to New York, but made the valid point they had been condemning the Taleban for some time.


unaha-closp said...

"Solidarity? With a regime like this?"

Yes you are, it is called Saudi Arabia.