Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prime suspect

Andrei Lugovoy, subject of an extradition request over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko has launched his political career as a candidate for Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s singularly inappropriately named Liberal Democrat party (they are neither). The Scotsman, amongst others, reports on Zhirinovsky’s bizarre behaviour at a press conference. When asked about the murder case he hit the monster rant button:

"Britain, you keep the whole world soaked in blood" … "You are all accomplices, all of you are bandits and criminals, your whole government together with your Queen"

A suitable case for the men in white coats or the takeover of a Premiership football club one would have thought, but not if you turn to the Scotsman’s comment boxes.

'He is correct. The UK is run by gangsters and criminals. They speak slang, or jargon or spin as it is now called'.

'Gob (sic) Bless Us - Everyone - the man's absolutely right'.

'We act like the Americans in that we limit who can be extradited. So, in that regard we, and the Americans, are cheats and bandits'.

'It's near impossible to conceive a worse legal and justice system than Scotland's'.

'From this it appears to be the UK who is preventing a trial'.

'Do we really think the Russian system is less credible than any here, especially after last weeks fiascos'?

Is there any hope at all?

Hat tip Will


The Mail (sorry, I really don’t read it) adds some more of his ravings:

"Britain will disappear under the water one day" ... "And it will serve you right ... Even your sheep die every day and every hour due to your sickening British policies."

Sheep? What is that all about?


Unknown said...

Is the sheep thing a reference to foot and mouth? Although, have to admit I'm ignorant about the particular british "policy" that caused it.

To add balance to your piece though, there is moderation to be found in the comments too...

"I would agree with the allegations directed at the government and the queen, but its a bit unfair saying all of us."

He's right. People can be so unfair about these things.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Edinburgh in the eighties and used to read the Scotsman regularly – a copy thoughtfully provided by my employer. The letters column was extraordinary. One could find comments there which would not appear in any other British publication I am aware of – no, not even I think the Mail. I don't read BNP material. The people sending in these comments are clearly deranged by sad life experiences or something in the water (deliberate contamination of Scotland's water by the English might actually have been a subject, but I can't truthfully swear to that).

The standard approach by letter writers to the news seemed to be if the English are being picked on, good. Anyone who hates the English must be supported by a true Scot.

This Russian chap might well be in the early stages of radiation sickness.