Friday, September 28, 2007

No boycott

The UCU has announced that a boycott of Israeli academic institutions would be unlawful and so the whole farce has been called off. My one regret is that it has happened this way instead of being defeated comprehensively by the membership in a ballot, which would have been highly likely. Boycotters may now pretend they lost out in their campaign to a legal technicality, but let us not forget that it was the argument they lost and, as a result, trade unionism has won.

Sally Hunt is quoted as saying, 'we may also, where possible, play a positive role in supporting Palestinian and Israeli educators and in promoting a just peace in the Middle East,' a sentiment we can all echo.

Shalom Lappin disagrees with my reservation and sounds a note of caution in his welcoming of the decision.

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mikeovswinton said...

Peter; Doesn't Shalom Lappin's final paragraph or so actually bear out your view rather than his own?