Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another fat man on a keyboard

The composer Handel, cruelly caricatured by his soon to be ex-friend Joseph Goupy after a massive eating session. There is now a new theory behind Handel's obesity and gargantuan appetite, he may have suffered from binge-eating disorder. This theory also suggests his ill health and death were caused by lead poisoning due to drinking vast quantities of wine.

Today he would be a suitable target for Channel 4 or even held up as an example of a dangerous threat to the civilised world.

Instead we are left with the music; beauty emanating from the obese.


mike, disgusted ov swinton said...

Isn't it just typical. The technorati come up with a serious piece of kit like youtube and the yoof of today spoil it by putting downmarket drivel like "Zadok the Priest" by Handel on it. Its not enough that they have this stuff blaring on their "ringtones" on their mobile telephones. What happened to good, old fashioned soul, r'n'b and jazz music like we had when I was a whippersnapper?

Graeme said...

Fat men with guitars and microphones also make the best rock music. Fact.

Anonymous said...

I see this is a Hungarian tv channel.More culture on there than BBC "reality"

John said...

"Instead we are left with the music; beauty emanating from the obese."

Yes, but the epiglottis swings both ways. Another bucket for you, sir?