Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Matters of no consequence

The Internet has been down much of the time. Apparently there was a fault with the server at Thessaloniki.

Yesterday, cold wet weather gave way to warmer air. The skies cleared and we have bright days and cool nights.

The winter's rain has left the garden a jungle and I have been involved in serious bramble removal.

Some vignettes:

I do not know whether KLM's airline meals are the worst, the most adventurous or an ironic reflection on the impossibility of mile high food. The main meal on my flight over consisted of a nettle cheese and salad sandwich with jam.

Chrysanthi, a neighbour, sitting in long grass under a tree in the next field, enjoying the warm sun, holding a young goat gently on her knee, whilst others calmly grazed all round her.

Under ten Euros for a five litre box of red wine called "Wine Poems".

And the nightingales have arrived.


mikeovswinton said...

"Nettle cheese"? Can us of the vegan persuasion eat that?

My tip for airline meals. Ask for "Hindu meals". You'll get a curry. Plus maybe a bit of a quizzical look from the cabin staff. But if you say Hare Krishna when they serve you they are usually ok.

Will said...

gan by boat.

that is another option.

or divvint gan in the first place.

that's another option.

fucking winy posh fuckers make me sick.

Tim said...

What about the other 999 brambles you haven't touched? GET ON WITH IT!

mikeovswinton said...

Or you could gan "Doon with the Shearer"?

The Plump said...

Hey Will,what about not ganning home at all like? That is the best option.

And Tim: Σιγά σιγά :-)

Anonymous said...

'I have been involved in serious bramble removal.'

But it's worked wonders for your silhouette luv.


...and it's shaped up some vital muscles darling.


The Plump said...

Unnecessary anon. They only want me for my grazing.

Anonymous said...

if it's a choice between the wine-dark sea or the sea-dark wine, i think i know what i would choose.