Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A sense of proportion

"You dirty rotten swine you! You have deaded me again!"
The Goons

The Independent
Prepared for the apocalypse: Mexico's masked metropolis
The Express
Government health advisers warn a worst-case scenario flu pandemic could kill up to 750,000 people in Britain alone and lead to mass graves, inflatable mortuaries and 24-hour cremations.
spEak You’re bRanes
I do not believe that there is a pig flu. I distrust all government.
There is only one thing to do. Take to the streets and demand your rights!


Harry Barnes said...

The photo is terrific. I will look for an opportunity to nick it.

Tom Freeman said...

"inflatable mortuaries"

Oh bloody hell. I really do want beer. Best way to avoid wine flu, I reckon.

Terry Glavin said...

"Afghanistan's only known pig has been taken off display at Kabul Zoo and locked away to avoid panic among visitors who may be worried about swine flu, the zoo's director said Wednesday.

"'We put the pig temporarily in his winter house under quarantine because of swine influenza,' director Aziz Gul Saqib told AFP."

Never miss the Afghan angle, I say.