Monday, April 20, 2009

Leading edge, vibrant, diverse, etc.

We’ve witnessed a groundswell of people and communities creating and organising learning opportunities for themselves. The challenge for all of us is to ensure we seize these new opportunities, and drive, rather than fall behind, the leading edge. To consider how Government can best support the vibrant and diverse opportunities out there for private and collective engagement.

A world-class source for international, cutting edge bullshit bingo aside, perhaps the question should be asked why people are organising their own 'learning opportunities'. Well, some of the reasons are that the Government has pulled the funding for the adult education classes that one and half million of them used to attend, strangled others with bureaucracy and introduced crazy rules that stop people studying one subject when they are qualified at the same level in another. That's why.

For more on this rhetorical tendency see Paulie here.

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