Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am setting off this morning for the Czech Republic to attend a wedding. I shall be here for a few days, with the urge to do some sightseeing no doubt conflicting with the odd hangover. So all you will get here is ...


Keith said...

I believe Simon and Garfunkel add to any blog site. "I do suggest that a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest..."

One of my heroes was eighteenth century philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, who married only because she was pregnant to William Godwin, a dedicated anarchist.

I wish you good fortune in your travels,and I thank you for this blog

mikeovswinton said...

Czech Republic? You'd be better off in

Concrete jumble, nothing in order,
Just near the border.

mikeovswintonstateofmind said...

Catch me in the kitchen
I've got cheese I'm meltin it
Caerphilly bread and ham
Hey presto its a rarebit

Fight the power Pete.

Overtired and emotional said...

Try tripe soup. I once had it in England and it was suprisingly edible. The association of your destination, albeit obliquely, with Wladislaus the Elbow High must be a good omen for your trip.