Monday, August 02, 2010


You learn something new every day if you read the papers.
If we look at the industrialised world, basically 90% of all deaths are caused by ageing.
Well I never.


Overtired and emotional said...

I seldom follow your links, and, having followed this one, I know why. What a twerp this man is.

If the tedious bits of life could be removed, and one did not starve, another fifty years would be more than enough to read everything one could and say everything one has to say. Beyond that what? Since one's tolerance for alcohol diminishes with age, even that consolation would wear thin.

So hooray for death. Long live death!!

Will said...

wot OAE said.

Bring it fuckking on.

especially after reading this shite

Bullingdon Fuckking cunts. They need to be hosed down with acid.

On second thoughts -- no -- i want to outlive these fuckking scum and watch them die a painful death.

I hereby volunteer to hose them down with acid.

Fuck them all.