Thursday, October 04, 2007

The art of conversation

Freens in Springburn and I have been in conversation over liberal education, here, here, here and here. Others have been eavesdropping too. Without the Internet, Freens and I would never have met nor engaged in this debate, despite having so much in common. The print media would have little chance of allowing us, the great unpromoted, to express ourselves to the world at large, especially in defence of the deeply unfashionable liberal learning. Even if we had suitably massacred our English and added thousands of references in parentheses to make it into an academic journal, there would probably have been fewer readers.

Instead we can revel in a sense of solidarity against the philistinism of the age, make acquaintance with others and forge friendships through our writing. It is called blogging. Long may it last.


Dr Hiding Pup said...

Can a blog be an RAE-returnable output?

Will said...

"It is called blogging. Long may it last."

Suppose it gives you owld folk something to do in between cups of Ovaltine.