Thursday, October 04, 2007

Easily impressed

The papers are carried away, swooning with admiration for David Cameron's abandonment of an autocue for his conference speech. The Times: "Just four sheets of handwritten notes formed the backbone of David Cameron’s 66-minute speech to his party yesterday." The Guardian: "No one could question his courage, speaking fluently for more than an hour without a script".

Wow! The bravery; the daring; the valour. Only, I am about to do exactly the same for two hours this morning and another hour this afternoon. It is called teaching. Is this all you need to be Prime Minister?


Steve M said...

Three hours in one day? You can count on my vote if you're thinking of standing, Peter.

Larkers said...

And of course, you believe what you say, so that is much easier also. I do wish people would not keep making cheap jokes about Cameron. You willl miss him when he is gone. (Christmas, hopefully.)

The Plump said...

Nice one steve m, I asked for that :-) There is more to my job than teaching though, he said defensively. Mmm.

Well said Larkers too.

Dr Hiding Pup said...

I liked the bit when he hugged his cuter-than-Cheri wife and said, 'I luv ya, Babe!'