Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fight the cuts

I have posted below on the devastating impact on University Adult Education of the decision to cut £100 million a year through the non-funding of people wanting to study for equal and lower qualifications (now known by the bureaucrats as ELQs - pronounced Elks - yuk!). After attending a meeting called by the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning at Warwick on Wednesday the full impact across the sector became clearer. Ironically, the knock-on effects of this cut will be catastrophic for all the things the government wants to see most - flexibility, re-skilling, employer engagement, community involvement, widening participation etc. It will simply reinforce a narrow conception of higher education as a progression route for school-leavers. It is a terrible and unnecessary decision.

Please support the campaign against the proposal by signing the petition here.


Political networking said...

Excellent post, Peter, it’s great to see some honest reporting on this subject. I hope you will not mind me linking to the facebook group, which has been set up to protest at these cuts.

I have linked you in there, and would very much like to see you join it yourself.

Many thanks for your excellent articles.

The group to join is here.

Political networking said...

I see you've already joined, thanks:-)