Sunday, October 28, 2007

A modest proposal

Francis Sedgemore has an illustrated post that celebrates the joys of Morris Dancing. We are not strong on national symbols (apart from tea and moaning) so how about this as an idea? The Great Britain Rugby League team are currently playing a test series against New Zealand. We should teach all the players to Morris Dance so that they can respond to the Haka in a culturally appropriate way. That should terrify the opposition.

(Thanks to Lyn)


unaha-closp said...

Your lot did alright without the bells & hankys, probably 12 points better than the result suggested.

Larkers said...

As the Duke once memorably remarked seeing his soldiers lining up against the French –

"I don't know what they do to the enemy but by God! They frighten the life out of me!"

Nice idea, wrong Ethnicity Programme. Morris dancing is a construct of a hegonomistic, racist trope, with inner directed reference to fascist Pantheist cults whereas Rap is a valid response to ethno-racist strategies (continued next week if you are really unlucky).

mikeovswinton said...

Peter; it isn't "Morris", for the cognescenti it is "Morrice". Did Rolf Gardiner shlep his way around Germany with the Travelling Morrice in vain? We can surely only hope so. Not sure he would have been too happy seeing women in those pictures either, but lets not open up that Hornet's nest. With a hey nonny nonny!

The Plump said...

OK Larkers - how about this funk version

Jura Watchmaker said...

Ever considered donning the bells, Peter?

The Plump said...

Ever considered donning the bells

Too much of an individualist (and no sense of timing, rhythm, etc.!).

As Thomas Beecham once said, "Try everything once except incest and folk dancing".