Monday, February 11, 2008


If anyone doubts the continuing media legitimacy of prejudice against us fatties, try reading this tosh by India Knight in the Sunday Times about an authoritative study showing a genetic predisposition to obesity.

The arrogance is stunning:

"I hate to blithely dismiss a whole swathe of scientific findings but I don’t believe a word of this"

In other words, 'hard empirical fact isn't as important as my precious prejudices because I am a Times columnist and therefore I must be far more knowledgeable than teams of researchers who have spent thousands of hours doing detailed peer-reviewed research'.

Apart from that, it is all here - "you can choose to be fat or choose to be normal"; the hideous crap about not seeing "fat Ethiopians", which not only stereotypes Africa, but displays her amazing insight that malnutrition makes you thin (and die of course, though she seems to think that being fat is worse); "being fat is as much a mental state as a physical one" - see my earlier post on Gina Kolata's book; and so on...

Then comes the crunch. She has written a diet book and runs a "support" web site. Yep. She is making money out of encouraging fat people to feel miserable about themselves, telling them that they are lazy, making them feel abnormal. She is part of the gross exploitation that is the diet industry, made ever more sanctimonious by her own weight loss (and I bet it all goes back on again).

There is an important debate to be had on the scientific research into obesity, but this article is the opposite. Anti-scientific prejudice, moral superiority and commercial self-interest are no substitute for real research.

Thanks Will for pointing out this garbage and giving me the opportunity to feel good about my "reubenesque" (T Glavin) self.

Olly weighs in whilst Francis Sedgemore risks wrath.


Will said...

I hate these fuckers so much.

These tossspots who make a living through writing pish.

I could do their job and much fucking better (that is write pish but with better ends in sight).

These middle class pigs who like to roll about in their own class's shit... oh how i look forward to the day when i can annihilate the scum. Here is a trench -- there is your head - here is my pistol -- bang!

What do you have to say now for yourself you dozy prick?

Off for a cup of tea now.

errrrrr. and that.

Dr Hiding Pup said...

Cut her some slack - she's profoundly ugly after all.