Monday, January 26, 2009

Arguments for a republic

According to the Guardian
The mysterious phenomenon of crop circles has for decades baffled scientists, members of the public, and, it now emerges, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.
It hasn't baffled anyone. The craze for making them was started by Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. Since then others have followed suit. The journalist who wrote that opening line should be ashamed for pandering to nonsense.

This revelation of royal credulity is based on correspondence with Colin Andrews who researches into "remote sensing, earth energies, energy awareness, healing, and crop circle resonance". He thinks they are made by UFO's.

The journalist's exhaustive investigation consisted of reading Andrews' web site, where a polite reply from the Queen's private secretary in 1990 is posted as proof that the Queen had been lied to. How on earth did it get in the paper? Come back the age of reason, all is forgiven.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... why argue with a Guardianista that claims self baffled?