Monday, March 29, 2010

Mentioning Greece

Why not? I am here. After a brush with a skilled pickpocket at the bus station in Athens and a visit to the cash point in Volos, I arrived back to a warm welcome from an old friend who will do anything for a bowl of condensed milk.

Maybe I will have some profound thoughts on the world sometime, but then again, maybe not.


Iain Grant said...

Sad about Athens.I was robbed on the metro mear Omonia Square last year.It changed the way I felt about the place, and confirmed the sense of desperation I detected in the Plaka restaurant touts.

The Plump said...

I don't know why it should change anything. It is a big city. You are more likely to robbed at Hull Fair or Manchester City Centre. It happens and changes nothing. And with travel insurance you get your money back. Not a problem and everyone else very helpful.

As for the touts in the Plaka - the only thing you can do is to shout back at them, in Greek if you can, bloody awful.

overtired etc said...

Does your friend put weight on when you come visiting?

The Plump said...

He is starting his own blog: Fat Cat on a Patio.