Sunday, May 16, 2010

After the election

The papers turn to weightier matters.


Francis Sedgemore said...

I read somewhere on the Interwebs that David Cameron has man-boobs.

Harry Barnes said...

Is it proof of the theory of creative evolution?

Francis Sedgemore said...

Well it's certainly progressive, in that term's most literal sense.

Roger said...

FT journalist Alan Beattie proposes this iron law of journalism:

If there's a question mark in the headline the answer is either (tabloid) "no" or (broadsheet) "who cares?"

Daily Mail: "Have The Police Gone Stark Staring Mad?" (No.) And (I think) The Times: "Do women prefer Vladimir Putin's body to Jack Nicholson's?" (Who cares?)

For women's magazines, the answer is: "Dunno, and your stupid quiz
isn't going to tell me."

(In response to, eg, Could You Be Co-Dependent? Are You Your Own
Best Friend? Is Your Cellulite Abnormal?)

For men's magazines, the answer is: "Dunno, but I'm sure you're about
to tell me."

(In response to, eg, Is The Nokia N8 The Hottest Phone of 2008? Is
'Four Lions' Violent Enough? Are You Britain's Best-Dressed Man?).

Having said this I do kind of care about breast measurements - if only their (and my) other measurements weren't increasing at the same rate....