Monday, July 01, 2013

A new month

And last night I discovered two pieces of music new to me. Both are wonderful, as was the night. It started with an evening of classical music at the folk museum as part of the annual summer festival at Horto, performed with enjoyment and enthusiasm by young musicians. After it was over and most of the audience had left, it turned into an impromptu recital and then those who remained went to a local taverna with the musicians, equipped with three guitars, for tsipouro meze, beer, wine and to play and sing popular Greek music, reading the lyrics off their smartphones and fending off fighting dogs. The night became cool, but the music continued. I left around 3.30 in the morning after being charmed by a beautiful Greek lullaby sung by the mezzo-soprano Leda Filippopoulou, sitting opposite me, fag and beer in hand. Magic.

And the two pieces? A Jazz concerto by Claude Bolling (they played the two movements for classical guitar and jazz piano).

And this gorgeous guitar piece, Domeniconi's Koyunbaba Suite


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