Tuesday, April 05, 2016

All's well that ends well

For all the talk of heath crises I think that we should remember one thing. In the developed world we live longer, healthier lives than ever before in human history. Dangerous conditions can be remedied and lives saved. This isn't down to fad diets, health cranks, latter day versions of snake oil, or the like. It is down to scientific research, 'big pharma,' and modern medicine. In short - it's progress. Here's to it and may it be widely shared.

Looking forward to my pal coming home tomorrow.


SP said...

Medicine and the NHS are good but Saint relics are better


All the best to your mate who should stick with the doctors rather than the priests

The Plump said...

She's never been tempted by magic. She's just pissed off at missing Easter in Greece as she convalesces. As am I. Greece is a different sort of restorative magic.

Whenever I read things like that article, I think that the doctors and nurses must be really pissed off that their skill, hard work and years of study are written off compared to the benefits of a dead priest's hair. Ungrateful bastards.