Friday, May 01, 2009

Health and efficiency

As I sit here with my left leg raised, swathed in bandages, after the last instalment of the minor surgery I required, I have just discovered that Paul Anderson has taken up the cudgels again.

He couldn't resist after spotting an interview on YouTube with a Tory MEP, Dan Hannan, on Fox News. The main purpose of the interview was to trash the NHS with contradictory fictions. You can see it here. After my brilliant treatment it made me especially angry, my views haven't changed from this earlier post.

The other night a taxi driver was talking endlessly to me about how he wasn't a Tory but thought that Cameron would make a good Prime Minister. I then realised that the next election was all but lost. Watch this video and be scared, be very scared.

I leave the final words to Anderson and his understated comment.
What a stuck-up wanker. Lower than vermin. And what a cretin to do it now.


Graeme said...

This kind of stuff makes me wish that America--and the rest of the world--was edging towards Stalinism because I would love nothing more than to see these fuckers thrown into the Gulag.

The Plump said...

The problem with Stalinism is that people like this would rise to the top, parroting the party line. It would be the likes of thee and me that would end up in the Gulag.

Will said...

Agree with Graeme. You are being overly deterministic in your estimations, Your Worshipful Plumpness.

The Plump said...

And you would get the ice pick in Mexico Will :-)

Will said...

I would stick the ice-pick up the would be assassin's arse and then take it out and use it to affix his scrotum to the nearest wall.

Then set fire to him.

Anton Deque said...

I agree with you Peter.

The NHS would be an ideal place for Labour to begin a fight back if or when the leadership were changed. The investment in the NHS has been huge since 1997 (when, I was surprised to learn, fully half of existing NHS hospitals predated 1948).

The American private healthcare (sic) companies would like to move into the UK and the "NHS isn't working" mood music will be turned up as the general election approaches.

Intriguing, this Fox News connection.

You will be perhaps be aware that following her tragic death, the claim was made in the U.S.A. that Natasha Richardson died because of Canada's "socialised" medical system. In a 'more advanced' (i.e. private) health care system such as the U.S.A.'s she might have survived – because of superior facilities etc., provided by a capitalist approach to health care provision. The message is 'socialism' will kill you, not a message which would be unfamiliar to Fox News viewers.