Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catholic tastes

Bits of a dead nun are attracting crowds. Andrew Brown doesn't think this is odd.
If anyone thinks this is strange and medieval, they should perhaps ask themselves what happens when football trophies are put on display today.
I tell you what happens. Fans think, 'oh good, my team won the cup. Hooray'. They don't think, 'I'm cured'. (Mind you, if a Rugby League trophy appeared at Swinton, it would be a bloody miracle).

Amidst the St Thérèse fridge magnets, there are always the hopeful, the tragic and the gullible.
One woman said that she became pregnant, after being told she could not, when she prayed to St Thérèse.
I'm sorry, but I think she must have been doing something else as well.

Come back the Enlightenment, all is forgiven.


Mikeovswinton said...

Hmmm. Supersitition. Quite good, Pete. But not in the league of the Gospel version of Jesus Children of America Mr W did Marvin and Bebe Winans, or for that matter "Why" that he did with Kirk Franklin, the USA's top gospel meister.

CharlieMcMenamin said...


Eric Cantona touched me once.& now I'm gonna to live forever.

It's not as different as you think.

But it is as nutty as you suggest.

SP said...

Touched the FA Cup once - far from a cure it has resulted in male pattern baldness, short sight, one bad knee and a bad neck.


Will said...

I once read an article by simon jenkins in the guardian (a tory cunT) and it sent me blind and gave me herpes.

have got over it all now after kissing a burnt biscuit that looks a bit like motherfucking theresa.

So all ended well.

Will said...

Trees are good luck charms as well.

Apart from the ones that fall on you and the ones that you shelter under during violent thunderstorms.

I know someone who got hit by lightening while holding an umbrella as well.

Umbrellas bring good luck when opened indoors.

Anonymous said...

and you non believers, as liberals, have faith that human nature can be perfected?

Give it a rest. You are narrow minded, and illiberal, beyond belief.

The Plump said...

and you non believers, as liberals, have faith that human nature can be perfected?

Er... no. Since when has that been a feature of liberalism (not that all these commenters would actually call themselves liberals)?

For a good debate on this see my conversation with Will in comments on the post on free speech below.

Will said...

That cunT who has just inferred (or something) that i am a fucking liberal -- I am going to hunt you down you fucking cunTjob and use spoons to scoop out your eyes and then shit in the empty sockets.

Ha ha. Isn't the hinternets great!

hakmao said...

'Perfection' is anonymouse's bailiwick, although humanity would be improved if religious morons stopped trying to fuck it up.


Oh what a silly bunt.

The Plump said...

I once called Will a liberal and since then I have had nothing but abuse. I think the L word must be unlucky, a bit like the Scottish play.

Will said...

Scothish play

Big Innis takes a big shite

Will said...

if they had school vouchers system in place they would be much better off.

whoever 'They' are of course.

sweden has skO0l vouchers you know?

Will said...

I once touched a sko0l voucher.

It gave me aids.

I am moving to BETTER sort of neighbourhood.