Sunday, September 27, 2009


One thing about moving is the way that you revisit your past as part of the process. And as I shift hundreds of books from Hull to Manchester, I see the people and places that are intertwined with them. I remember the houses where I first read them, the people who gave them to me or told me that I must read them. I think back to the times when I was a student and of the groups I have taught. Then there are those I have known who have written some of them, all remembered as I turn the pages and look at the spines before placing them in a cardboard box to be relocated to another set of shelves.

So, together with Norm, I despair of the endless 'death of the book' guff that infects the media. And when he points out that the reason for the persistence of bookshelves is not exhibitionism but utility, I would add that they are also a map of your life. Books are objects of emotional attachment; of love, friendship, interest and irritation - and sometimes guilt - 'I will get around to reading it one day' will probably be my dying words.


DorsetDipper said...

on the death of the book ...

It is now 24 years since cinema died as a viable comercial art form. The introduction of video rental in 1985 meant that no-one would bother going to the cinema because you could see the film at home. So without cinema audiences the industry would die, and that is why, according to the spokesman for whatever, unless there was a big tax on home video rental then by the year 2000 movies would be a distant memory...

Will said...

I never go to the pikTures but i still read byooks.

Ever since we got a DVD player i just watch fillums in the hoose.

benefits include; not having to share space with cunTs, taking a piss/shit/making a cup of tea/taking refreshments when i want to and not miss any of the fucking fillum (pause button and that), watching fillums that I fucking want to watch and not just wot is on at the local cinema (if the local cinema still even exists anyway), not having to pay a fucking fortune for a packet of crisps/popcorn/bacon fucking buttie or whaddever the fuck i want to eat while watching a fucking fillum and that.

Just some of the reasons why watching a fillum at yem on the dvd is not like reading byooks and reading shite online or owt else on offer. And furthermore, DVD rentals and sales still mean fillums make money and get myade so stop your ignorant analogy making shite dorsetttdripper.

Worra mess your heed must be.

The Plump said...

Yeah but even though you like your DVDs the flicks are still full to bursting (showing lots of crap OK), just not with you there.

One word: Clive James

Will said...

fucking clive james.

one werD -- CUNTbAgBalLs