Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Automatic ethics

The Guardian has found something else to worry about. Robots. Robot rights to be precise.
But if the robot was designed to have human-like capacities that might incidentally give rise to consciousness, we would have a good reason to think that it really was conscious. At that point, the movement for robot rights would begin.
Discriminate, discriminate:


mikeovswinton, nr Galifray said...

Don't you mean "Elevate, Elevate" or did you miss that series Pete?

mikeovswinton, in the Delta Quadrant said...

Incidentally, Star Trek Voyager featured a number of rather good episodes that dealt with the related issue of Hologram rights in a world of solids. On one occasion The Doctor very nearly joined up with "his people". I await a Guardian editorial on this burning question.
Live long and Prosper.
Go Boldly.

Paulie said...

Not a new idea though is it? think of the pathos at the end of Blade Runner?