Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday cat blogging

This mighty mog is the latest obstacle to the reunification of Cyprus. A national struggle between Greeks and Turks over cats has broken out.

The cats in question are the "Aphrodite giants", a beautiful, extremely large and gentle-natured creature, and the equally attractive St Helena breed. Unsurprisingly, the Cypriot Feline Society (CFS) is attempting to register the breeds as national cats, but allegations have emerged of a plot to claim the cats for the Turkish north of the country, depriving Greek Cypriots of breeds that have begun to win prizes abroad.

The CFS fears that Turkish Cypriots are keen on cross-breeding the Aphrodite and the St Helena with a Turkish cat and registering the new breeds as Turkish.
I wonder what the cat thinks?

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mikeovswinton said...

Its a little bit like the two restaurants on the Southside of Manchester, one "Turkish" and one "Greek". (Actually both run by people from the respective biots of Cyprus.) One serves you with Turkish Coffee after yoiu stuff yerself. The other with Byzantine Coffee. Can't tell em apart and they are both way better than what you get in the Cornerhouse. Didn't Paul Calf have a job in their coffee bar?