Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another view

Strong winds have blown the mists away, the paraleia is flooded and covered with debris washed in from the sea again, and the views have been spectacular in the clear air - here looking towards the city of Volos from the village of Lafkos. The weather continues to be mild, despite the breeze.

Tomorrow night we will drive back to Athens to catch an early morning flight on Monday. Then a different reality will hit. I prefer this one.


Terry Glavin said...

It is raining here. Day before yesterday the rain was something furious, but I headed out to Beechy Head anyhow with my pal John and we clambered and slogged all the way around to Cabin Point, where the old fishtrap used to be, and when we stopped for lunch it was sunny and I was warm enough in just a t-shirt.

You're a damn good man, Peter. Is all I really wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

And is it true that they piled Ossa on Pelion?