Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just the thing ...

...for a fat chap with an interest in anarchism. An anarchist restaurant - and you can smoke.


mikeovswinton, a tad sceptical as ever said...

Oh yeah, an anarchist restuarant that serves meat and fish. Very rebellious. Perhaps they keep the address etc secret so that the anarcho-vegans don't come calling.

Anonymous said...

It sounds very inviting save for the "groovy clientele".

Are the groovy interesting? Do they smell?

I would pay extra to avoid the groovy, I think.

Will said...

Anarchists are aLLL fucking clowns and jugglers and smell of damp dogs.

Their food is probably made of string and goat's piss as well.

Anarchists are merely libertarians without a steady income.


Will said...

OH Fuck it -- watch and listen

Will said...


Will said...


Friday, 29th January 2010


Rustic Country terrine with Pear and Tomato Chutney £6.00

Salad Leaves with Avocado, Pumpkin Seeds and Parmesan Shavings £6.00

Gravadlax with a Dill and Honey Mustard Dressing £6.50

Galia Melon £5.00

Forman’s London Cure Smoked Salmon £7.00

Parma Ham and Melon £5.50

Half Dozen Rossmore Rock Oysters £7.00


Carrot and Coriander Soup £3.00

Lobster Bisque £5.00


Battered Cod Fillet with Tartare Sauce £14.00

Dover Sole – served Grilled or Meunière £29.00


Roast Shoulder of Rose Veal with a Rosemary Jus £14.00


Châteaubriand Vert Pré £26.00 per person

(for a minimum of two people)

Prime Fillet Steak £24.00

Sirloin Steak £23.00

English Lamb Cutlets £19.75

Club Grill £12.75


Duck Breast with Creamed Cavolo Nero, Jerusalem Artichoke
and a Port Jus £15.00

Venison Medallions with Parsnip Cake

and a Horseradish and Beetroot Pesto £21.00

Pappardelle with a Wild Mushroom Cream £10.00

Chicken Suprême Stuffed with Black Pudding,

Calvados and Apple Sauce £17.50

Mediterranean Roast Vegetable Roulade £10.00

All main courses include Vegetables and Potatoes
Please ask the Dining Room Manager for the choice of vegetables available


Selection of Cold Meats with Salad £8.00

Green Salad £3.50 Mixed Salad £3.50
Tomato and Onion Salad £3.50 Watercress and Orange Salad £3.50


Selection of Sweet and Savoury Dishes from the Menu £5.00

Cheeseboard £6.00


Fresh Cafétière and Mints £3.00
Espresso £1.00
Cappuccino £1.50

Herbal Teas and Fruit Infusions £2.00

Table Money £2.00 – Reciprocal Member

We regret that we cannot guarantee that food prepared on these premises is 100% gluten or nut free.

The Club has endeavoured to ensure that its suppliers provide only non Genetically Modified products.

Any dishes containing GM products are marked with an asterisk.

Please consult the Dining Room Manager for further details.

Will said...

The “war medicine” as practised by the evil, thick Yanqui cunTs has stirred up critiques on the ground.


"...a people not evolved to merit the medicine of Westerners."

The Yanks are cutting up peeple like slabs of meat cos they are considered subhuman and it coincides with the targets set by wibberwul "charity" empirical measurements.

Wot Sick fuckkiNg cunts.

It seems the ideology of capital reaches into crevices you woodn't even imagine existed.

That's it. No more. I am starting up a facebyook group about it all and maybe even a fuckking Twitter page as well.

that will show them.

You shooD blog on this item Peter.

If nowt else it will make olly kamm (a cunT) wet the fuckkinG bed even more than he does already.

The Plump said...

You shooD blog on this item Peter.

Nah. I am going to give it all up and start up a site called Cats that look like Kropotkin.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Whatever Will says about anarchists and such, it makes me wet just thinking about a place where I'll be able to eat and to smoke...