Monday, April 19, 2010

Citizen journalism

As I am caught up in a major international crisis I thought I would try this live blogging lark.

Check NATS web site - no change to cloud
Go and sit outside
Check web site again - air space still closed
Have lunch
Check airline web site - flight still operational
Pour glass of retsina
Check web site again - flight cancelled
Pour another glass of retsina
Reschedule flight
Sit outside again
Recheck NATS web site - no change to cloud
Go to taverna - drink a kilo of retsina
Check web site - air space closure extended
Pour glass of tsipouro
Check web site - no change
Go to bed ...

Cor. Exciting isn't it?


mikeovswinton, jealous said...

So you are stuck in Greece. Oh dear.

Music Production Tips said...

Oh no! This pesky ash is gonna be the death of us...

Still... more time for procrastination and blogging! I hear it has cleared in Scotland, so fingers crossed yall be home in no time.

Brigada Flores Magon said...

Sounds like an ideal way to while away your extended break!