Friday, April 23, 2010


Us Brits know how to behave in a crisis. No panicking, just stern-faced resolution in the face of peril. The Dunkirk spirit sees us through. Faced with the prospect of extended stays in hotels in warm climates paid for by airlines or insurance companies we know what to do. No five-star Stalag can hold us, we use every means at our disposal to flock to Calais to queue for many hours to get on a ferry back to dear old Blighty. The BBC News web site has been posting videos of stiff-lipped heroes arriving in the Northern French port. The most intrepid got there after a four-day coach trip filled with derring-do from Malta. And now they are a short sea crossing away from those magical White Cliffs.

Meanwhile, Malta International Airport has announced that there were no flight cancellations today and 66 extra flights had been laid on to clear the backlog of passengers.

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mikeovswinton said...

Those maltese amphibious coaches, eh. That's why they got the George Cross.