Friday, May 08, 2015

Silver linings

As any reader would imagine, I am not a happy bunny today, even if I was unsurprised by the result. But every cloud and all that ...

Two great results from the general election:

1. Farage lost. And he resigned as UKIP leader just as he said he would, though he did say that he may well stand as a candidate in the autumn leadership election (I am not sure that is what is normally meant by a resignation, but there we go). More importantly, it marked the defeat of the latest attempt to build a Powellite party in Britain.

2. Galloway lost. And he delivered a suitably bizarre losing speech whilst still wearing that strange hat (a white, Scottish Catholic blaming his defeat by an Asian woman on racism is novel). This too marked the defeat of something bigger, an attempt to create a populist and communalist political movement in alliance with ultra-conservatives and Islamists. The great joy is that he was comprehensively defeated by a Muslim feminist with a history of fighting discrimination.

It is nice to know that however many dark corners there are, Britain isn't that nasty.

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Anonymous said...

There is some dispute as to Galloway's religion.

On my calculations he is now on marriage number five, and numbers 2-5 have all been Muslim women considerably younger than he. He appears to marry these women in Muslim ceremonies, which have no basis in English law unless a second service is held, at for example a licensed registry office. The advantage of this for the man is that when the 'marriage' ends he is unlikely to have to surrender vast sums of his wealth to his ex-wife. Under English law, they have never been married.

All this raises the obvious question - how can Galloway repeatedly feature in Muslim marriage ceremonies unless he himself has converted?