Monday, September 21, 2015


This is the headline of the decade from the Independent
Downing Street stays silent over claims David Cameron put genitals in a dead pig's mouth while at Oxford University
 Puerile, but so funny. Will Piggate haunt him?


Anton Deque said...

Will Piggygate hurt Cameron? I hope not. I have laughed at the jokes – some are terrifically witty – but my objection to him and the social and economic policies he and his sometime allies the Liberal Democrats foisted on the country are not that htese are unjust wrong and unfair, but unnecessary. That is why I want him to fail, taking Ashcroft, by some distance and more unpleasant man, with him.

The Plump said...

And this is good on what really matters:

The conclusion:

Cynics that we are, we just assume that tycoons are paying for influence or preferential treatment in government contracts. But if party donors have come to expect that they can buy an all-access pass to the executive, democracy and meritocracy are in more trouble than we thought. We’re being sold a pig in a poke.

roybaintonwrites said...

Cameron and Osborne have been sticking their schlongs in all our faces since 2010, so I suppose the poor pig was a practice run. Still, if you can't buy yourself a Cabinet post for £8 million, that must be a bitter disappointment for Lord Cashpoint. But his Lordship's failure to get a return on his 'investment' just about sums up modern consumer capitalism. As I have experienced with the likes of Virgin and others, today's corporate mantra is "Give us your money - now f**k off." Still, not to worry. Once Osborne's sold shares to his mates in the bank WE saved, Lloyds, and flogged off the remaining 30% of Royal Mail, Ashcroft's puny £8 million will seem like a poor tip at Claridges, where pig's head is no doubt on the menu.