Monday, July 07, 2008


The final point is about the politics of aspiration. New Labour is today the party of aspiration, for middle-class and poorer families; for all. Every time we have ceded that ground in politics, we have lost. Every time we have occupied it, we've won.

Tony Blair 2005

Balls to aspiration, it's a tosser's mirage.

Charlie Brooker 2008

I'm with Charlie.

Via Graeme and Will in comments


Anonymous said...

"Balls to aspiration?" "Tosser's image?" Would you re-cast that in English for your friends across the pond?

-- Mack

The Plump said...

OK Mack

First it is a Tosser's MIRAGE not image. :-)

A tosser - jerk (polite-ish), wanker (rude), μάλακας (Greek).

Watch the linked You Tube and you will get the general idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, gosh, I'm sure that it in Wodehouse somewhere! :) Cheers!

-- Mack in Texas