Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shades of grey

First dark, then bright. Raindrops sparkle on the window pane. Yes, I am back. Oh well.


Will said...

in that case get your fucking arse in gear and do a fucking post for the dstpfw. You lazy fucker.

Just saying like.

The Plump said...

Does ghost writing not count then? :-)

Will said...

Sedgie's ghost -

PS. Never trust a morris dancer :)

Ann ODyne said...

I came here from Olly Onions link at Normblog Profile 250.

That friend Will sure has a mouf on 'im.
He missed 3 opportunities for The Ramsays in his comment though-

"in that
fvcking case, get your
fvcking arse into
fvcking gear and do a
fvcking post for the
fvcking dstpfw".

Anonymous said...

Celery and cucumber with sparkling white wine all shot in soft focus. Do not like.