Thursday, August 28, 2008

I don't need an excuse

Now I am a corrupter of the innocent slim am I? Yes indeed, according to the Tories:
As it is, people who see more fat people around them may themselves be more likely to gain weight.
In true Falstaffian tradition, we are hedonistic subversives against the virtuous Puritan faith. And how about this,
Tell people that biology and the environment causes obesity and they are offered an excuse not to change their behaviour.
Hold on a second. What if biology and environment do cause obesity? Are they saying the truth is irrelevant and that we should fight against it through masochistic self-denial so that we no longer subvert the natural order of thinness? Yes dear readers, it seems that our nature, physique and genetic inheritance are simply excuses. With more self-inflicted pain we can reach the salvation that skinny people never have to worry about. It appears that the Tories do indeed hate us fatties. I can assure them, in my case, it is mutual.


SP said...

New police "Stop and Weigh" are to be proposed.


Overtired and emotional said...

Never met Nicholas Soames?

Will said...

Fat tories -- they don't exist.

Not if I had my way anyway like.

SP said...

Tory militias patrolling branches of Greggs on Teesside

Tom Freeman said...

"Tell people that we hate fatties and they are offered an excuse not to vote for us."

The Plump said...

they are offered an excuse not to vote for us

Don't need an excuse for that either!