Sunday, August 31, 2008

More from the fat front

Tapping into a particularly rich vein of Tory idiocy, Catherine Bennett tackles their obesity policy here. It is a good read and I particularly liked this:
Far riskier, however, is the possible impact of insulting one quarter - the obese section - of the adult population. Last week's map of obesity 'hot spots' suggests that not all of these potentially offended people are the deprived inhabitants of guaranteed Labour seats (supposing such places still exist). There are quite a few inexcusably obese people, it turns out, in Tory seats like Kensington and Chelsea. And, as much as the careers of Gillian McKeith and Anne Diamond reveal a surprising tolerance, on the public's part, for dietary advisers who may be unqualified, unhinged or five stone overweight, it seems to draw the line at abuse.
Judging by her photo she is of the slim persuasion herself. The solidarity is welcome comrade.

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