Sunday, September 21, 2008

Passing time

Apologies for light posting. My return to work was accompanied by one of those nasty head colds that make your brain feel like overcooked porridge.

Another year ticked over yesterday and so today, with the sun drying out my sinuses, we headed for posh Cheshire by slipping over the Manchester Ship Canal via the little toll bridge (12p one way).

Cheshire is full of 'country inns' that offer 'fine dining' not pubs with food. Grim. We walked out of one at the sight of pretentious customers and the overzealous exercise of portion control on a stock menu, got lost and ended up seeing an unpromising pub tacked on to a garage.

We were about to reject it, then I spotted the narrow boat. Right on the canal, it served brilliant beer and vast slabs of roast meat with fresh vegetables for not a lot. Brilliant.

So I'm refreshed and ready for the fray, if older and heavier, so you may find something vaguely worth reading here in the next few days. Then again...


Anonymous said...

Is it 12p on the Warby Bridge now? Well that inflation's biting hard. I blame Gordon Brown. Anyone else fancy Charlie Clarke for PM? Thought not.

M_Kashif said...

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Anonymous said...

Pete; is it me or you he's objecting to?

The Plump said...

He isn't a native English speaker by the looks of it Mike so I think that it is me.

James - the title 'passing time' refers to the fact that it was my birthday so time has passed and 'passing time' is also a colloquial saying for doing something pleasurable just to pass the time.

Anonymous said...

Fair play. Thought he may just have been a fan of Charles Clarke taking umbrage. That's a very small club to be a member of, even by our standards.

Anton Deque said...

My comments aren't getting through any more, unless you can read this, in which case they are. (That is not a quote from Descartes.)

What I want to know is this: The name of the this wonderful eating place?

Are you keeping it quiet? I would not blame you.

(James is unwell.)

The Plump said...


You comment therefore you are.

There is a link to the place on the word pub. Click and it will take you to the website of the Barn Owl Inn.