Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did he only have one?

Surely the most pointless and puerile of historical speculation concerns Hitler's tackle. Was he a monorchid megalomaniac?

The old legend was reanimated by some dubious new 'evidence' published in The Sun and it subsequently spread through the papers here and overseas recently. Thankfully,
There's no excuse now for this incessant dwelling on Hitler's sexuality, as if it tells us anything about the true nature of his evil. No, all the obsession can tell us about is the way the culture as a whole exhibits a refusal to face the profundity and complexity of evil and instead—with some honorable exceptions—prefers to escape responsibility for Hitler and the Holocaust by blaming it all on ludicrously unserious and ahistorical sexual mythologies, and the Freudian-influenced notion that all behavior has a sexual explanation at heart.
Then sensation always sells better than truth and who cares about serious history when it has become a commodity like so much else.

Via A&L Daily and hat tip to Kev

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