Saturday, November 22, 2008


It happened. This magnificent Australian side are fallible after all. Roared on in Brisbane by five thousand British fans, honorary Kiwis for the day, New Zealand have won the Rugby League World Cup. The Kangaroos' dominance of the trophy is over. The match took the sport to new levels; a thrilling contest full of power, speed, and unbelievable skill. A great, great game.

As I write this Wally Lewis is being interviewed, graciously accepting defeat and saying, with a big smile on his face, what a wonderful boost this is for international Rugby League. He is right. It is also a huge challenge to England, whose standards have slipped.

Up until the final the contest seemed as it would be notable only for the entertainment provided by the lesser lights, the Pacific Island nations and the amazing Irish. This shock result is what the sport needed. And, for me and probably most British fans, on a cold blustery day, with snowflakes drifting past the window, nothing could have been more warming than an Aussie defeat. Kiwis!

A look back at some spectacular running Rugby. The best tries from the World Cup before the final from the BBC here.

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Savannah Adams said...

I just have started watching rugby games lately and I'm beginning to love the sport. I'm looking forward to more action, especially from the Super League and the National Rugby League.

Actually, what I really watch a lot is football. Now, I have a favorite rugby league club here in the US.