Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just read this from John Henley and had to dash to the keyboard, after all I hadn't posted since Monday.
Like SlowFood, born in Italy of the conviction that fast food was as bad for local tradition as it was for your health, Slow Blogging is a response to the notion that fast blogging can be bad for both author and audience ...

So let's hear it for all those who take the time to think, study and reflect before they post; who do not feel the need to slap the first thing that comes out of their head straight onto the web. People who refuse to update five times a day, or even once a week. People who value quality over quantity.
Phew, so that's all right then. Back to my rather nice bottle of red wine. Self expression can take a back burner whilst I gather beautiful thoughts - well until tomorrow anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Pete. As long as there's Paul "Gauche" Anderson the rest of you bloggers will look swift. I've heard he's just posted about the 1979 election result, and thinks it may be fairly significant.