Friday, November 27, 2009


After the crowds that prayed for a miracle cure from bits of a dead nun comes a new source of hope; the underside of a Polish dog.

There might be a new religion in this. What would Jack say?

Hat tipped to Kev


Anonymous said...

Crikey! You might even believe that NHS employees are sufficiently bothered about patients, that they clean up enough to keep tnem alive. Now, there's blind faith.

The Plump said...

Having recently undergone a series of treatments in a NHS hospital, all I can say is that the staff, on the whole, were caring above and beyond the call of duty, bloody hard working and absolutely, thoroughly and totally pissed off with managers brought in from elsewhere who didn't have a clue together with contracted out services, such as cleaning, that were not performed to the standards that are needed and that had always been met before the contracting out process.