Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The world gone mad one
Fat people are more likely to become criminals, and their very fatness may help shape their criminality. That's the conclusion reached by Professor Gregory N Price in a study called Obesity and Crime: Is There a Relationship? published in the journal Economics Letters.
The world gone mad two
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Will said...

Look at wot This fukking cunT has said

outdoing the fukkiNg bnP cunts in cuntishness.

WooD like to sEe that woolaSS cunt killed for being a useless racist cunT

Just -- you know -- saying like.

chris said...

Price's findings seem very similar to evidence that ugly people tend to turn to crime:
In both cases the mechanism is that people face worse labour market prospects, and so - at the margin - turn to crime. This is just normal optimizing behaviour. It's not saying that fat or ugly people have lower moral standards - just that, like anyone else, they respond to incentives (at the margin).
Why should we on the left feel uncomfortable about this? All it's saying is that crime arises (in part) from the structure of capitalist society.

The Plump said...

All crime statistics record is who has been caught. It is simple - us fatties can't run fast enough.

Robster said...

If there was more representation of fat people in the police force, that would even things out.

Anton Deque said...

Tall, slim darkly handsome aging juvenile me simply laughs this nonsense off with a shrug of my perfectly formed shoulders. I modelled myself on Raffles.

Does anyone hear from Doris Stokes? Will?

Will said...

Doris fucKKing StoKes ... I bet she does

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Will said...

pS. PeTeR -- gerra new post up quick like -- I feel the urge to make a new comment appaer on a fucKkInG blog post and that.

well standard and shit.

Isn't it?